Rules of Play

The Players

Player Registration

All players must be registered on their team’s roster. Roster changes, substitutions and additions, must be made before the start of a team’s first game. Any team determined by the tournament director to have falsified any player’s age is subject to be dismissed from the tournament. Every player (or guardian of a player if the participant is under 18) must complete and sign a waiver.  No player will be allowed to participate without a signed waiver.

Number of Players

The maximum number of players on a team is double the format:

  • 4v4 (four field players and four substitutes)
  • 5v5 (five field players and five substitutes)
  • 6v6 (six field players and six substitutes)
  • 7v7 (seven field players and seven substitutes)

Only four players are on the field at a time. The minimum number of players a team can field is four. A player can only play for one team.  Any team who is found to have fielded an ineligible player may be dismissed from the tournament, subject to the decision of the tournament director.

Player Substitutions

Substitutions may be made on the fly.

Player Equipment

All players must wear shin guards. Any player without shin guards will not be allowed to play.

Player "Kits"

All players must wear jerseys/shirts during play. If both teams are wearing the same color, a coin flip will determine the team to change uniforms. Numbers on jerseys are not required.

Player Ejection (Red Card)

Referees have the right to eject a player from the game for continual disobedience or as a result of an incident that warrants sending the player off. The player receiving a red card must sit out the rest of the game. The team may then continue with their remaining players. The tournament director has the right to determine if the player’s dismissal warrants the suspension of additional matches or the ejection of the player’s team from the tournament. Red card fee is ($35) and will need to be paid before player can play.

The Field of Play

Penalty Box

Same as outdoor

Ball Size

Regulation Futsal

Regulation Outdoor

Goal Scoring

A goal may be scored from anywhere on the field. The ball changes possession after a goal is scored, and is restarted from midfield.


Restarts on the big field can be direct or indirect kicks, depending on the foul and FIFA rules. 4v4 field will have all restarts as indirect kicks (including the kickoff to start each half). This does not include penalty kicks, which are direct.


All kickoffs are indirect kicks taken from midfield, and may be taken in any direction.

Three (3) Yard Rule

In all dead ball situations, restarts, including game start and halftime start, defending players must stand at least three (3) yards away from the ball. If the defensive player’s goal area is closer than three (3) yards, the ball shall be placed three (3) yards from the goal area in line with the place of the penalty.


There are no throw-ins. All out of bounds balls will be taken as “kick-ins.”


The ball shall be kicked into play from the sideline instead of thrown in. The defending player must be at least three (3) yards from ball on all kick-ins. All kick-ins are indirect.

Goal Kicks

Will be taken by goalie from any point inside the penalty box and cannot pass the half-way line in the air. If so, an indirect free kick will be awarded from the kick-off spot.

Indirect Kicks

On an indirect kick, a goal can be scored only if the ball subsequently touches another player before it enters the goal. If the kick directly enters the opponents’ goal, a goal kick is awarded.  If the kick directly enters the team’s own goal, a corner kick is awarded to the opposing team.

Penalty Kicks

A penalty kick will be taken two steps from the center of the arc. All non-kicking players must be behind midfield. A penalty kick shall be awarded if, in the referee’s opinion, a scoring opportunity was nullified by an infraction (the infraction does not automatically result in a red card).

The Tournament/Leagues

Competition Format

The first round consists of a round robin format. Teams are guaranteed 3 matches for Tournaments or 8 matches for leagues. The playoffs are single elimination. The format is subject to change by the tournament director.

Game Duration

The game consists of two 12-minute halves for tournaments and 20-minute halves for leagues separated by a one-minute half-time period. Games tied after regulation play shall end in a tie except in the playoffs. There are no time-outs. The match length may be shortened at the discretion of the tournament director.

Playoff Overtime

If after regulation time a match is tied, the teams will compete in a 5-minute sudden death “golden goal” overtime period.  A coin toss will decide the kick-off and direction. The first team to score in overtime is the winner. If no team has scored in the first five-minute overtime period,one additional 5-minute overtime period will be played.  If after one(1) 5-minute overtime periods the match is still tied, the teams will compete in a sudden death penalty kick shootout.  Please see “penalty kicks” for rules.  Overtime rules are subject to change by the tournament director.

Scoring (In Pool Play)

Games will be scored according to the following: three (3) points for a win; one (1) point for a tie; and zero (0) points for a loss.

Goal Differential

Goal differential in each game is goals scored minus goals against. In round robin play, the maximum goal differential is ten (10).


The playoff rounds are single elimination.


There is no seeding.


If two (2) teams are tied on total points in group play, the tie will be broken by the following: 1.) Head to head result; 2.) Total goal differential; 3.) Goals for; 4.) Goals against; 5) Random draw.

If more than two (2) teams are tied on total points in group play, the tie will be broken by the following: 1.) Points earned in matches with the teams involved; 2.) Goal differential in matches with the teams involved; 3.) Goals scored in matches with the teams involved 4.) Random draw




The opponent of a forfeiting team will be granted a 3-0 victory. The forfeiting team will be granted a 0-3 loss. Any team forfeiting two (2) consecutive games in pool play will be removed from the tournament/league. Any team forfeiting a game in the playoffs will be removed from the tournament. All grace periods and forfeits are at the discretion of the referee and the tournament director. If both teams are not present at game time, both teams will be forfeited and will be granted a 0-3 loss.

Referee Fees must be paid before each game in order to start the game. A forfeiting team must pay their referee fee, as well as the opposing team’s in order to continue in the league.

Rescheduling request of any game should be done 48 hrs before start time.

5 Minute Grace Period

Teams must have three (3) players with full uniform and equipment on the scheduled field to begin the match. Teams are given a five (5) minute grace period before a forfeit is declared, subject to the discretion of the tournament director.


No protests are allowed, except in the case of protesting a player’s eligibility. Referees’ judgments are not a basis for protests. Eligibility is determined by a player’s age and is contingent upon registering and playing for only one team in the tournament. Protests must be filed in writing to the tournament director within ten (10) minutes of the completion of the match (during a league, within the next day of the completion of the match).  The tournament director will make a decision before the teams’ next scheduled match.

Fair Play

Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to act in the nature of “Fair Play” at all times. Abuse of the referees will not be tolerated and will result in a red card. Abuse of opponents will result in a red card. At the discretion of the tournament director, teams can be removed from the tournament for abusive conduct by players, coaches, or spectators.  Players, coaches, and spectators are not allowed in the playing area, and must direct all questions to the tournament Director.  Teams in violation of this rule may be removed from the tournament by the tournament director.